13 - 14 March 2018
Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill

Africa's only conference for real estate professionals exploring the ROI of efficient buildings

SPACE. Maximise your property investment



SPACE Regional Briefing in Nairobi

at the Radisson Blu - invite only 14 June 2017

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Securing finance for your efficient property
  • Achieving a high ROI when investing/building quality buildings
  • Shorten payback periods with initial, efficient investments
  • Evaluate if adopting green standards is right for your build/investment

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EDGE Expert Certification Programme

June 13th Radisson Blu, Nairobi

SPACE is proud to be supporting IFC’s EDGE by including EDGE Expert training on 13 June at the Radisson Blu, Nairobi.  EDGE is a green building certification system for emerging markets.  Find out how you can become an accredited EDGE Expert by participating in this one day training course here

Why call this conference SPACE? 

SPACE, is a two day business conference for real estate professionals, and is committed to reaching real estate owners, investors and developers together with real estate professionals to do deals across the African continent.  

SPACE, through it's interactive sessions, exhibition, networking and knowledge sharing will provide industry leaders the relevant information about maximising building design, energy, water and waste management and overall ROI on project development.  The real estate sector is booming across Africa, SPACE will provide the network to do deals and obtain finance for quality and efficient developments.

I'm sure many will ask why we named this conference SPACE.  At inception this business-to-business conference was named SPACE, Sustainable Properties Africa Conference & Exhibition, to discuss the business case for incorporating sustainable building practices.  Although SPACE is committed to working with all Green Building Council members and addressing this we found that, with our network, such terminology was confusing and misrepresented and SPACE needed to approach the discussion from a financial standpoint.  We decided to keep SPACE (as so often we talk about utlising the physical space of a building) but focus on the importance of investment, securing finance and balancing the costs and benefits of a development.  

Please join us in March to open up new investment opportunities and learn about the options of maximising your portfolio.    

SPACE video channel

Check out our videos and content regarding SPACE here:

"I can’t think of a conference in this part of the world that has more value in terms of both information and building relationships.”


"The Summit effectively ties together real estate investment, government initiatives and operational developments to offer a new perspective for delegates."


"It is the only investment conference dedicated to the African continent that connects key players, aspiring stakeholders and many more."


SPACE is all about education

Key topics will explore

· Data driving change
· How to secure finance
· Perception versus reality; costs versus benefits
· Extracting long term value from your building
· Shortening pay back periods

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